Monday, 9 April 2018

My first Spring into Wool fair

A month ago I published a list of upcoming events and here we are! The first one, Spring into Wool in Leeds come and gone. Will try to put my feelings and thoughts down on paper while I remember details:
- general (venue, organisation, people). Very positive! I like venue, light and spacious (even if I was in a bit of awkward place, but it was my choice), organisers did a brilliant job and fellow exhibitors were very friendly.
- footfall. Saturday was very busy, but not overcrowded still, which was good, I do not like when people need to push through. Sunday was much quieter. I know this happens often (if not always) and still...
- sales. This is a tricky one  😊 In general I've sold OK considering the time of year and my table position. There are two "buts" still. - the sales to the visitors were mainly of the lower price end. The two most expensive sales were to the other exhibitors. Obviously, people came for supplies and were very focused on it. I've received so many great comments on my stuff but sales were mainly of small and inexpensive items. And the second "but" - I've sold mostly on Saturday. If not one large sale to an exhibitor and good last minute sale to a visitor it would have been just lost day entirely.
Summary: - will I do it the next year? Yes, I suppose. I do like an atmosphere, I have had lovely chats with the other exhibitors, I didn't feel tired at the end, I've bought lovely silks and very fine wool tops. And it's so close to home, just 40 mins of easy drive. Yes, I'd like to do it again!

Now there are some pictures. These are of my stall on the first and the second day, when I restocked and rearranged things.

 And a few pictures of other stalls with people readying for opening.

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Year 2018 Schedule

I'm delighted to be accepted to this year Art in the Pen event in Thirsk. Being not well for a half of February I run out of time to create new pictures and make a proper good application. Fortunately I'm still through!

So this is my list of events for the first half of the year 2018:

April 07-08  Spring into wool    Leeds
April 26-29  Harrogate Flower Show Harrogate
May 3-8       Felting festival Feltrosa   Cavareno, Italy
July 21-22    Art in the Pen ,    Thirsk

July 28         York River Art Market,      York
August 4      York River Art Market,     York

Then I will have my summer holiday with a family and back to work in September. The September-December events are to be confirmed yet.

Thursday, 1 March 2018

I suppose everyone in UK is stuck home with a snow blocked roads... I have two appointments cancelled today. But having felting at hand is very helpful!
Will show two different tea cosies, both with poppy design but colours are varied and it makes all the difference:


Sunday, 25 February 2018

Back to work?

Was struck with a flu and out of action for two weeks! So unfortunate! Being so busy, had to cancel a demonstration session with our York felters group.
For a start want to show a new coffee pot cosy in subdued colours with delicate lavender flowers. Playing with a new style of pictures as well...

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Start of a new year

How do you start a new year? I started with a few wool orders :) ! Have no idea where to put it but hope it will start me going.
The first order has just arrived:
A few large batts from a Bulgarian supplier 
I have two scarves to show, the first I made at workshop December last year and finished last week. Double sided, very delicate, with plenty of hand dyed silks and luxurious fringe. Love it!

Another one just finished - some variation of crazywool wraps I made last year: pre-yarn, some merino and silks again. Going to make more of them!                                                                                                                                               

Friday, 8 December 2017

2017 Summary

Another year gone (OK, nearly)!
Check on achievements and failures year 2017...

- I did more fairs this year than the year before and more than I intended. Not sure it's an achievement :). In general I sold more but the expenses/stall fees were higher as well obviously. I need to go through the fair list and sort it out. I did a lot of fairs in York, which was my intention but will not do some again. I liked York river Art Market  even with our unpredictable weather, will do it again. ETSY Made Local was good and it's nice to be a part of the team, will do it next year (if accepted). Masham sheep festival was great (the first day at least) and there I was invited to take part in two events, new for me:
           - a wool event in Leeds which is rather close to York. It's their second year and all whom I know were very positive  about it. It's 7-8 April
            - Harrogate Flower Show. It's huge 4 day event with footfall 50 000+. It's about flowers and plants obviously, but they have a pavilion Crafts&Gifts. I hope some of these garden enthusiasts will pop it to see us crafters. I would certainly do considering that they charge £21 as an entrance fee! If I were a visitor I'd go through every single stall for these money:)  It's 26-29 April
These events are for the next year.

Looking to the similar post last December and checking my plans and what came out of it:
    - I'm not looking for a local shop to sell my stuff anymore. With all these new fairs I have enough opportunities to sell   the variety I make.

    - Crazy wool scarves I started to make last year were reasonably successful, I've sold quite a few and will keep working on them. And cushions in "wool stencilling" technique as well, quite pleased with it!

What's else... ETSY sales had stuck at the same level, no improvement.

I do not have plans for a next year apart from just keep going. I need to think about new products and new strategy of presenting and selling my pictures, but at the moment I feel a bit lost...

Monday, 20 November 2017

Crafts in the Pen 2017

A short report on the event.
Crafts in the Pen is my main event of the year, so expectations were high as was pre-fair stress :)
In general it was good this year as well but with a twist. A few twists actually.
- it was really huge! 230 stalls and a quality of very high standards;
- the footfall was 4370 against 2590 last year;
- again a lot of people coming who had already bought some stuff from me, sometimes just to say hello and tell that my things are alive and doing well, which was really great. Thanks everyone even if you are not reading this!
 - the weather was really nice, I was well prepared and didn't got cold;
 - apart from overwhelming number of stalls, 1/3 of them were textile artists and 25 stalls doing just felt! Some customers comments that this year felt was everywhere.
 - with such massive number of stalls customers became bored, tired or just cold. They lost interest and forget to come back or just lost in the maze of streets.  Some stallholders complained about the scale of the show and low takings. I happened to be in a good position in the very centre with good light but other could struggle when it became darker.
I can't complain because I did OK but with somewhat mixed feeling :)
I posted some pictures below of neighbouring stalls and to give an idea of the size of the show: